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Levin: Here's why Pelosi's resolution doesn't do anything

Conservative Review

Tuesday night on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin explained why Democrats' effort to disarm Republican criticisms of the current impeachment probe by holding a House vote won't work.

As Pelosi announced it would Monday, the language of the resolution released on Tuesday affirms the investigation that has already been taking place, but it doesn't do anything to address concerns of due process and fairness that have been raised by the White House and House Republicans.

The resolution is intended to take away a procedural argument against the impeachment investigation raised by the president's team and his allies on Capitol Hill — namely that the investigation was operating without the authorization of the whole House. But, Levin explained, it won't do that because of how it's written and what it doesn't do.

Levin pointed out that Pelosi herself said the legislation is not an impeachment resolution. This distinction matters, he said, because "an actual resolution for an impeachment inquiry, voted on by the full House, would confer rights — really equal rights — on the Republican minority to subpoena witnesses, on the president and his counsel to be present whenever there's witness testimony, to present evidence and so forth, and without the chairman or the majority approval."

"That's what you saw in the Nixon House impeachment inquiry resolution," Levin continued. "That's what you saw in the Clinton House impeachment resolution."


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