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Levin: 'The immediate threat that we face in this country is from the Democrat party'

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Thursday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin asserted that the sovereignty of the United States of America faces a greater threat from the modern Democratic Party than from any of her foreign enemies.

"We can deal with Red China. We can deal with Russia. We can deal with Iran. We can deal with North Korea. The problem is, when you have a cancer from within — and that's what the Democrat party has become — that's quite a different story. So many of the great men in our history made the point that if this country is to be destroyed, it's going to be destroyed from within."


Levin pointed out that not only would the agenda of the modern Democrat party eat the country from within both economically, through socialist policies, and by having open borders, but he also reminded listeners that the Democrat platform has foreign allies, too.

"The immediate threat that we face in this country is from the Democrat party, now that the constitution has been so bastardized — now that so many of the protections that the framers built into our system have been destroyed. Radical, extreme factions, which they feared greatly, can drag this country into hell. Who do you think's rooting for the Democrat party in this country, other than of course the media, cause they're one in the same? Our enemies. China loves the American Democrat party. Xi. Putin loves the American Democrat party. The Islamo-Nazis in Tehran: same. The inbred in North Korea: same. Our enemies love the modern Democrat party. Who else? The Palestinian terrorists. Hezbollah. The Iranians love the modern Democrat party. And the Syrians for sure, because they have a deep affection for Nancy Pelosi, who went over there a few decades back and slobbered all over the current killer's father," Levin said.

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