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Levin: 'Liars,' 'frauds,' 'incompetents' — journalism has become a 'joke!'

Conservative Review

Thursday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin delivered a blistering monologue assailing the media, and particularly NBC, for rushing to report anti-Trump stories leaked by anonymous sources and getting the facts wrong.

"The journalist profession has become a joke," Levin said. He eviscerated NBC News reporter Tom Winter, who got a story wrong about Trump lawyer Michael Cohen's phones being wiretapped. NBC now reports Cohen's phones are just being monitored, not listened to.


"NBC, which has some of the most notoriously partisan, incompetent hosts and journalists in the entire journalism business — when they keep their hands off of each other, they're still a problem," Levin said. He thinks Winter should be given a "pink slip" for blowing his story by quoting bad information from anonymous sources.

"Why don't they have a White House Correspondents' Dinner for all the dunces in the journalism field? All the liars, all the frauds, all the incompetents, all the unprofessionalism, all the sexual harassers. That dinner would probably be a sellout. Standing room only," Levin said.

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