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Levin: 'The media are trying to drive this election'

Conservative Review

Tuesday on the radio, Levin TV host Mark Levin called listeners to attention, explaining that conservatives will have to fight to overcome the media — as distinct from the free press — in the coming presidential election.

Levin read a poll from Quinnipiac showing 80 percent of African-Americans say Trump is a racist.

"Where do they get this from?" Levin asked. "The media. The media. They don't get it from his tweets; his tweets aren't racist. They didn't get it from Charlottesville; the comments he made in Charlottesville weren't racist when you really listen to the entire thing and go through the entire transcript. So where does this come from? It comes from relentless propaganda. The media are trying to drive this election. Which is why I keep saying: They're the real adversary. And in some cases, as the president says, enemy."


"You may not like the way Trump tweets, but read that tweet that they say is racist. 'Oh, you only use this word, you see, when it comes to black communities.' Not true. 'You only use this word if you're a racist.' Not true. ... So the media create a pseudo-event, wrap it in propaganda, they have hammered us now for four days in a row, then they take a poll. Or one of their polling organizations take a poll, issue a press release, and look at this! Voila — like magic! Trump's considered a racist in the black community, in the Latino community, among Democrats. Gee, I wonder how they got that idea?"

"The media in this country are pernicious. Look it up. They are pernicious. They are every bit as lousy and rotten as unfree media in unfree countries."

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