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Levin: The MSM is 'too obsessed' to understand how Mueller is shredding the Constitution

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The United States Senate will never remove President Trump from office, LevinTV host Mark Levin told Sean Hannity on the Fox News Channel Thursday night. But he explained that the Democrats do have a "game plan" to get Trump out of office, and this is why they support the Mueller probe into President Trump and Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Levin explained that the Democrats will be unable to secure enough votes in the United States Senate to convict Trump and remove him from office, even if the House of Representatives votes to impeach the president.

"No president has ever been indicted while in office -- not one. No president has ever been forced before a federal grand jury -- not one. No president has ever been removed from office by [a two-thirds vote] of the Senate -- not one," Levin said. Watch:

Instead, Levin believes the Mueller probe will be used to "trap" Trump with subpoenaed questioning and an unconstitutional indictment.

"I want people to understand that the Framers never even contemplated what's going on today," Levin said. He surmised that the objective of Mueller's investigation is to indict the president, humiliate him by dragging him to court, "and then get him to resign."

"That's their game plan; you heard it here first," Levin said. "Mr. Mueller is undermining the Constitution. He's not upholding the rule of law."

"What's going on right now is anti-constitutional and is undermining our system," he added. "The media are too ignorant, they're too liberal, they're too obsessed to understand this."

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