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Levin: Mueller probe has become a ‘silent coup’ against POTUS

Conservative Review

CRTV host Mark Levin began his radio show Tuesday by saying that special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian interference in the election is slowly turning into a “silent coup” attempt against President Trump’s legitimacy.

Levin explained, “I have personally come to the conclusion, after reading leaks today from Robert Mueller’s office … that in fact, he’s not building a criminal case against the president for obstruction, but he is building an obstruction case.”

Levin argued that Mueller will target the president by accusing Trump of trying to “derail an investigation.” A constitutional attorney, Levin predicted that Mueller will intimidate people under investigation into making hostile statements against the president.

Mueller is not interested in bringing charges, Levin explained, arguing that the goal is to try to “destroy” President Trump.

“This is exactly why Robert Mueller has surrounded himself with Democrat and liberal apparatchiks,” he added, reminding the radio audience of Mueller’s highly partisan team of prosecutors.

Levin explained that although the Trump-Russia narrative is collapsing, the Left is not at all concerned with the facts of the matter, only the end game that leads to President Trump’s dismissal from office.

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