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Levin: 'Nancy Pelosi is the closest thing to a fascist we have'

Levin: 'Nancy Pelosi is the closest thing to a fascist we have'

Tuesday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin lit into House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for announcing at a news conference Tuesday that she would be beginning formal impeachment proceedings, despite the fact that the full House chamber has yet to vote on the question.

Pelosi said she would be directing the chairmen of six committees to provide information for the proceedings to House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y.

Levin gives his take on Pelosi and  the proceedings:

"Ladies and gentlemen, that's exactly what they're doing right now, as I've been telling people in the media ... This is not a formal impeachment inquiry, inasmuch as the full House of Representatives has not been asked to vote on it. A roll-call vote, a head count, for each one is to be noted. Impeachment is serious business. It's not left to committee chairmen, it's not left to the speaker of the House,  it's not left to the Judiciary Committee. The full House of Representatives tradition in this country — process in this country — if it wished to proceed with a formal impeachment inquiry, which is a crucially, crucially important and grave event, and it requires a body politic, not committee chairmen or speaker of the House to launch it. And she wouldn't take a vote on the House floor. And she's in charge of scheduling.

"She did not allow a vote on the House floor because she's still trying to protect 30, 40, 50 of her members. So she makes this pronouncement, like she's some kind of a fascist dictator, that she has determined — one person from San Francisco, one House district — that she has determined to launch a formal impeachment inquiry. That's not what the Constitution calls for, so that's what she's done. There's been absolutely no change they changed, except the labelling and the nomenclature. That's it. That's it."


Levin continued, "Even if this had been a formal impeachment inquiry, of the judicial kind, there's never been such an event at a time like this, less than 14 months before an election. So the people can decide on the future of the president of the United States, not a rogue, radical-Democrat controlled House of Representatives. So the people can decide, and they can make all the arguments they want to the greatest jury there is: the American citizens. That's how you know what they're doing this completely bogus. This is a campaign effort. This is a PR effort. And it must be taken very, very seriously. It must be fought every step of the way."

"No votes, nothing. No input from the full House, nothing. I mean the full House votes on the name of a post office! This is why I said the other day, Nancy Pelosi is the closest thing to a fascist that we have. ... She bypasses the process," Levin said.

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