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Levin: Pelosi claims there's something wrong with the president 'as her dentures are slipping out of her mouth'

Conservative Review

Thursday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin called out Nancy Pelosi's incoherent performance at a press conference earlier Thursday, where she insinuated that President Trump is mentally unstable.

"Seems to me he's running circles around these people while they try to destroy him. Seems to me she's the one having a fit and a near-nervous breakdown," Levin said. "How else do you explain the twitching?"

"You see, ladies and gentlemen, she's trying to convince you that there's something wrong with the president. He needs an intervention; she's praying for his health — his mental health — as her dentures are slipping out of her mouth. She's put together with screws and glue and toothpaste."


Pelosi professed to be using her own office to protect and defend the Constitution, despite Trump's repeated attempts to return Congress to its job as a legislative branch rather than an investigative one.

"Well, you're doing a hell of a job of protecting and defending the Constitution. I think all of the constitutionalists out there would have to agree with these subpoenas. I'll tell you what, they are certainly upholding the Constitution! And the interests of the House and the Democrats and getting to the bottom of the true Russia scandal! Oh, they're really upholding the Constitution! And the way they are smearing the attorney general — oh! They're upholding the Constitution. And her colleagues in the Senate, the way they went after Kavanaugh — man, they're upholding the Constitution, aren't they?" Levin said. "I don't know about you, but when it comes to left-wing radical crackpots like Nancy Pelosi, I always think, 'Wow, they're upholding the Constitution.' She's upholding the Constitution? 'We have a constitutional crisis.' No, we have a constipational crisis with these people."

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