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Levin responds to CNN’s claim that he’s agitating the Trump base

Conservative Review

People are talking about Mark Levin.

On Thursday, CR's editor-in-chief described an ongoing “coup” against President Trump, as special counsel Robert Mueller has impaneled a grand jury in the Russia investigation.

On Friday, Levin’s analysis was discussed on CNN’s "Inside Politics," with host John King. Predictably, the commentators on CNN were dismissive of Levin’s arguments and labeled him a “thought leader of the Trump wing of the Republican Party.”

That is exactly wrong.

“I’m not arguing about the Trump base; I’m not arguing to the Trump base. I am making the point that what’s taking place here is coup activity,” Levin said.


“It is the use of the law to destroy the law. It is the use of the law to destroy the constitutional system. It is the use of the law to subvert the election,” Levin explained.

“This isn’t about Team Red and Team Blue. It's about Team America.”

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