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Levin: Schumer chose illegal aliens over the American people, and it BACKFIRED

Conservative Review

The government is open again. Monday on his radio program, CRTV host Mark Levin congratulated President Trump and the Republican leaders in Congress for defeating the #SchumerShutdown with disciplined messaging.

"The Democrats took a position that clearly backfired," Levin said. "Chuck Schumer and the Democrats chose illegal aliens over the American people."

Why? "Because the Democrats are hellbent on getting more voters so they can regain power and never let it go," Levin added.


"We are tired of being run by the most radical elements of the Democrat Party and the appeasers in the Republican Party," Levin said. "And the most radical elements of the Democrat Party oppose the government being opened unless they get everything they want."

Of one such Republican "appeaser," Levin said there must be a "concerted, focused effort to defeat Lindsey Graham in the next Republican primary."

“He really is a force for destruction and upheaval, and he’s way off” on immigration, Levin said.

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