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Levin: How the Soleimani strike once again exposed the immorality of the media — and Democrats

Conservative Review

Tuesday night on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin explained how President Donald Trump's recent airstrike killing Iranian general and terrorist mastermind Qassem Soleimani exposed the American media's and Democrats' immorality.

"What's come to the fore here is a complete lack of morality in the media and in the Democrat party," Levin said.

"These are not people, for the most part, who care about humanity," Levin went on. "They care about power, they care about self-aggrandizement, but they really don't care about humanity."

"They don't love this country; they don't even comprehend this country," the host continued. "They have no understanding of this country, so they trash it and they attack it."

Levin reminded readers of the American media's downplay of the Holocaust during World War II, which is outlined in his book "Unfreedom of the Press," saying that "these are the same forces at work today."

"Our media lacks morality; it lacks virtue," Levin said. "This is why it stands up for a mass murdering terrorist like Soleimani and tries to destroy a patriotic commander in chief like Donald Trump."

"They have no morality," the host concluded. "They do not like this country -- and they never have."


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