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Levin: The Dems have nominated radical, 'anti-American candidates'

Conservative Review

LevinTV host Mark Levin began his radio show Wednesday evening discussing the out-of-control media and the urgency of voting for the forces of freedom on Election Day.

“This election, ladies and gentlemen, is up to you and me. Your family, your fellow citizens: what we want this country to look like. The reason it’s not a regular election is because the Democrats have nominated some very, very radical, even anti-American candidates. And I will say that because if you’re pushing socialism, if you’re pushing extra-constitutional policies, then that’s right, it’s unAmerican,” Levin started. “If you’re disgusted with the media, you need to turn out and vote and push them back too.”

He then discussed the legacy media using freedom of the press as a shield to push far-left policies, explaining how the Left has warped the Founders’ constitutional protection.

“Freedom of the press was about individualism. Freedom of the press was about representation and limited government. It was not a rabid progressive agenda,” he added.

Later in the segment, Levin discussed the birthright citizenship issue and its relationship to the Constitution, arguing that the president has the authority to alter the policy to protect American sovereignty.


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