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Levin: The MSM is treating the midterms ‘like a football game’

Conservative Review

Tuesday on his nationally syndicated radio program, LevinTV host Mark Levin lit into the media for trying to predict the midterm election results before any real data has been recorded.

"These are not real political science analysts; these are the same media types who are in your face all the time. There could be an upset here and there, or a pattern here and there, but one House race in Eastern Kentucky, that closed at 6 p.m., shouldn't influence any of you," Levin said.

Levin reminded listeners that their obligation is to vote, not to pay attention to the liberal media analysis.

"We, you, have an obligation to take care of business. I have no control what happens in the congressional district in the eastern part of Kentucky. Honestly, I don't even know the results yet. Nobody does, but whatever. If they're good, good for our team … the team of liberty versus the team of tyranny. … They're treating this like a football game in the media. I don't treat it like a football game. I treat it as we're trying to save the country. It's no football game to me," he said.


"The media have a tremendous desire to dispirit you. If we're going to be dispirited, let's wait till it's all over, so we know what the hell happened. But there's no reason to be dispirited now," Levin said.

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