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Levin: Trump’s family detention order exposes the scheming hypocrisy of the open-borders Left

Conservative Review

On the radio Wednesday evening, LevinTV host Mark Levin pointed out how the reactions to a recent White House policy change fully expose the Left’s open-borders agenda.

The segment followed the news that President Trump signed an executive order requiring that families who illegally cross the border and claim asylum or have pending hearings be kept together.

Levin called out the “grotesque demagogues in the media, in the Democrat party, and in the ethnic front groups” who forced the president’s hand and now ask for what they really want: open borders.

Despite the fact that families will now be detained together under the new order, Levin pointed out that open-borders groups still aren’t satisfied and now demand the administration effectively return to President Obama’s catch-and-release policy.

“This is the plot. This is the plan to eviscerate any notion of a border,” Levin said.


Editor's note: The second paragraph has been updated to clarify that families in detention may remain together while immigration proceedings are pending.

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