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Levin warns of MSM's 'concerted effort' to take out Pres. Trump

Conservative Review

CR Editor-in-Chief Mark Levin opened up his radio show Tuesday evening warning about the “concerted effort” to remove President Trump from office.

Levin said the media’s campaign to take out Trump is designed to “create the impression that the man is unfit for the presidency.”

The media was “giddy all throughout the Obama administration,” he said of the establishment media’s partisan coverage. “So now they use their phony news pages to attack.”

Levin also argued that the media undermined Israel by leaking classified information on President Trump’s meeting with the Russians.

“This is a concerted effort by the media and the Democrat party, and some despicable people within the government … to take out this man,” Levin added.

He continued, discussing the New York Times story on Trump that alleges he told former FBI Director James Comey to drop the investigation against former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

“He doesn’t like the way he was fired. He doesn’t like the fact that he was fired,” Levin said, suspecting Comey is leaking old information to the New York Times. “Why does this jerk wait till he’s fired … to leak it to the New York Times through surrogates?”

The CR editor also slammed congressional Republicans, saying they “run for the hills” every time a controversial story comes out in the establishment media.

Listen to the clip:

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