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Israeli ambassador to Levin: Trump 'prepared to confront evil'

Conservative Review

On Monday’s radio program, LevinTV host Mark Levin was joined by Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Ron Dermer for an important discussion on the threat the Islamist regime in Iran poses to the world.

Ambassador Dermer told Levin that President Trump’s speech last Friday decertifying the Iran nuclear deal was “historic.” “It shifted U.S. policy from a policy of containment, meaning containing a nuclear-armed Iran, to a policy of preventing a nuclear-armed Iran,” Ambassador Dermer said.

According to Dermer, the Islamist regime in Iran is the greatest threat to Israel, the Arab states, and the United States of America.


Last week, President Donald Trump announced that Iran was not in compliance with the nuclear agreement orchestrated by the Obama administration. The president instructed Congress to fix the “flaws” in the deal and has threatened to terminate the agreement should Congress fail to do so.

“I give great credit to the president for taking this stand now, for not kicking the can down the road. Against the advice of many of his own advisers, against the wishes of your European allies, he’s taking a stand against Iran and he’s standing against the current. And I think it’s probably the most admirable thing this president has done,” Dermer said.

Dermer also noted that President Trump’s speech reminded him of Ronald Reagan’s “Evil Empire” speech condemning the Soviet Union.

“On Friday, I think the message that was sent in Iran, in North Korea, and to all your enemies around the world is that America has a president who is prepared to confront evil,” Dermer said.

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