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Mark Levin and Ken Starr: The media's incredible double standard for the Mueller probe and Starr's Clinton investigation

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On Sunday night’s episode of “Life, Liberty and Levin” on Fox News, LevinTV host Mark Levin spoke with former solicitor general and Clinton-era independent counsel Ken Starr about the differences between his investigation and Robert Mueller’s Russia probe.

While Mueller and his investigative team have been largely free from mainstream media criticism, Levin said that Starr and his investigation were attacked “relentlessly.” Starr noted that the media often camped outside his house. While he wouldn’t wish that invasion of privacy on Mueller, he said, he had to wonder if the Washington-area media just didn’t know where the current special counsel lives.

Levin asked, "Why do you think the distinction, the difference in coverage?"

“There’s got to be a treaty of peace,” Starr explained, “with the networks, platforms, and so forth, they said, ‘We’re going to leave him alone.’”

“They like him,” Levin remarked. “They didn’t like you. Do you think it's because of who you were investigating and who he's investigating? I mean, isn't that a logical conclusion?”

"It's a very logical conclusion," said Starr.


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