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Mark Levin vaporizes Dem candidate Andrew Gillum’s idiotic views on law enforcement

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On the radio Friday evening, LevinTV host Mark Levin tore apart recent remarks about law enforcement made by Andrew Gillum, Democratic candidate for governor of Florida.

"At the time that a law enforcement official has to go to a weapon, to a gun, to a baton, to a taser, then they ... already have to go too far by their very presence," Gillum said on a recent episode of the liberal "Pod Save America" podcast, the Washington Free Beacon reports. "By the very trust that they inspire in community and in society, they are supposed to be able to bring most situations to heel."

Levin went on to point out how asinine it was for Gillum to make a statement like this, especially given the role that law enforcement played in arresting the man suspected of sending suspicious packages to his fellow Democrats.

He added, "Andrew Gillum would say, 'Well, the police shouldn’t pull out guns or tasers or billy clubs or anything of the sort, no no no. They should figure out how to make the guy heel.’”

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