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Mass. Republican: You want woke? Fine, I’ll give you woke

Conservative Review

Meet Jim Lyons. Observe him in his natural habitat, for he is a rare find these days. This, boys and girls, is what a real man in elected office looks like.

See, progressivism is kicking our arse because we lack real men like Lyons — men who understand the times and know what to do about them. Men who see that for all its enlightened talk, progressivism is really about power and control — period. And whoever is "the other" standing in its way must be defeated, by any means necessary. Get woke, or get hurt.

But Lyons isn’t your typical easy-out. The legislator from Massachusetts stood athwart history yelling “Stop!” by turning progressivism’s gender dysphoria around and choking its cultish followers with it — all under the bright lights of the state capitol.

The issue was the Democrats’ attempt to add a third gender to the state’s driver’s license, known as Gender X. An old codger like Lyons might not have been blamed for simply shaking his fist at the clouds and ranting about how the world doesn’t make sense any more, because he would have been right.

Determined to make lemonade out of the cultural lemons he was surrounded by, Lyons figured out that the only thing that made any sense in that situation was total nonsense. You want woke, he asked? Fine. I’ll give you woke.

So he called the Democrats a bunch of bigots.

After all, isn’t there a nearly limitless number of genders continually being identified and celebrated? And when some institutions of higher learning and major American businesses are already insisting that people be referred to by whatever pronouns they prefer, how could piling untold numbers of genders under the label ‘Gender X’ on an official state document be any less than demeaning?

If we are going to do this, said Lyons, we are going to do this all the way.

So how many genders are there? Whatever the answer is, that’s how many should be listed on the driver’s license. Let the research begin!

Lyons, trusting the same social media to which banning people in the name of wokeness is as natural as breathing oxygen, discovered that 73 genders was a number that had passed the scrutiny of Facebook. The bidding starts at 73, then. Do I hear 74?

Game. Set. Match.

As Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr said about Lyons’ gambit: “The legislative leadership couldn’t rule any of his gender amendments out of order as absurd, because if they did, it would be giving away the game. They would be admitting that the ‘X’-ercise was preposterous on its face.”

Indeed. So there the Massachusetts progressives sat in the legislature that they so often dominate with their drivel, forced into being openly mocked by a man who was clearly enjoying his role as fly in the ointment.

Lyons filed affirmative-action amendment after affirmative-action amendment. No gender was left behind. Amendment 21: gender fluid. Amendment 22: gender non-conforming. Amendment 23: gender questioning. And on. And on. And on, 73 times, 73 weird and wonderful times.

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