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McConnell’s reelection emergency

Conservative Review

Imagine for a moment a genie were to reveal himself to leaders of the Democrat Party and offer to grant them one policy change of their wish.  They could ask for anything without the fear of political blowback or the arduous task of concocting a successful messaging campaign to win the vote.  The genie would grant their wish instantaneously.  Which policy do you think Democrats would choose?

Abolish the Second Amendment? Implement cap and trade? Mass amnesty for all illegal aliens?

The list is endless, and undoubtedly, Democrats would choose something systemic; a game-changing policy in the pursuit of a socialist utopia.

What about the Republicans? What would they chose were they offered free implementation of any policy of their choice? It is the answer to this question that reveals the indelible dichotomy between the two parties.

We live in a time of great peril, in the final year of an imperial presidency.  There are about a dozen items Republicans could prioritize in the upcoming omnibus budget bill, most prominently, defunding refugees from predominantly Muslim countries, executive amnesty, and funding for Planned Parenthood.  Yet, instead of using the budget process to thwart Obama’s fundamental transformation of this country during his most lawless year in office, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) announced his intention to attach a rider…blocking Obama’s restrictions on party funding of campaigns!

There’s a reason why McConnell’s approval rating is lower among Republicans than Democrats.  This is why the establishment candidates are getting crushed in the presidential election.

Now, obviously we all believe in the First Amendment and that people should be able to donate whatever they want to political candidates, but the notion that this regulation is the biggest emergency of all examples of Obama’s executive overreach is lunacy.  Moreover, as The Hill reported last year, McConnell is “very comfortable” with limits on individualcontributions.  At the time, I told The Hill that “McConnell is “only against limits on free campaign speech when it hurts his campaign apparatus.” “Now that McCain-Feingold has shifted the balance of power and he has mastered the new dynamic, supporting caps on individual donations actually benefits him and will help tamp down future challenges to some of his lieutenants in primaries.”

There you have it.  While Democrats seek power to change the country; Republicans seek office as an ends to itself.  Forget about the thousands of criminal aliens on the loose, funding for Planned Parenthood while they harvest baby organs, the release of thousands of dangerous felons, Obama’s imminent plans to shut down our economy with crushing administrative energy regulations, and the importation of Europe’s Islamic immigration problems.  All McConnell cares about is the ability of the NRSC to continue funding establishment candidates – not so they will pursue a potent policy agenda but so they can remain in office…in order to raise more money…so they can remain in office and do nothing to stop the fundamental transformation and often be complicit in its implementation.

As we head into a new legislative week, GOP leaders will ignore the real emergency issues we’ve focused on at Conservative Review and instead prioritize a massive $85 billion highway bailoutre-authorization of No Child Left Behind, and a budget reconciliation package that codifies 80% of Obamacare.  They will also attempt to pass their phony refugee bill through the Senate.  This comes on the heels of their pre-Thanksgiving focus that included busting the budget caps and increasing the debt ceiling.

The era of phony Republicanism is over.  Either we will slide irrevocably into a post-constitutional Gomorrah permanently run by Democrats or we will restore our Republic with a new movement.  Either way, the days of impotent Republicans pursuing an office for the sake of the office are over.  That is a genie that cannot be put back into the bottle.

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