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Media ignores largest ever black conservative summit

Conservative Review

The media had a perfect opportunity to highlight some good in the world as pipe bombs and horrific shootings dominated the news cycle. Many wondered, “Please, Lord, is there at least one positive story to lift our spirits?” The answer is yes. There was one. A big one. But if you get your news from cable news, you were completely unaware of this story because the networks refused to cover it.

Hundreds of young, black conservative leaders came to Washington for Turning Point USA’s Young Black Leadership Summit, which the group claims was the largest summit ever of its kind. Hundreds of young black men and women marched down Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House, where the president gave a speech in the East Room and met with them afterward. They also held a rally outside the North Lawn, led by the conservative superstar Candace Owens.

I know it’s hardly a shock, but almost every single cable news network ignored this speech and gathering. CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, C-SPAN, and even Fox News cut away right after the president announced breaking news about the mail-bomb suspect. (Though to be fair, C-SPAN3 — yes, 3 — did carry the speech in its entirety so that both of its viewers could enjoy it.)

Fox News, at least, played highlights from the speech afterward and interviewed multiple attendees of the event, including Owens, TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk, and the group’s director of urban engagement, Brandon Tatum, on numerous occasions.

According to Tatum, CNN refused to have on him or Candace Owens – both articulate advocates for the event and their organization. Instead, “CNN Tonight with Don Lemon” would only agree to interview two random attendees from the event (with no media training or formal association with Turning Point USA). For that reason, Turning Point USA turned down the interview. This tactic is a favorite of CNN’s: Bring on a guest they know their hosts can easily beat up, in this case with gotcha questions that they wouldn’t be able to answer, since they do not actually work for Turning Point USA.

When the networks weren’t trying to ignore the speech, they were disparaging it. Prominent leaders in the black community who should have been celebrating this event as a historic success called it shameful and denigrated the attendees. You would think blacks would love to see their own people meet with the president in the White House, but instead, on MSNBC, Dr. Jason Johnson, a political contributor for the network called them “foolish” and “lost, disturbed, self-loathing people.”

On that same show, Rev. Al Sharpton said that “they used some young blacks as props, which really is an insult to them.”

And in the actual room where the event was being held, I witnessed one member of the press ask quietly if we could “just get this over with.” And afterward, a White House reporter from a prominent news network muttered, “That was a long one. That was too long,” implying that meeting with these future black leaders was a waste of not just the president’s time, but everyone’s time.

This is an appalling collective reaction to young black people, many of whom reportedly had never been on a plane before. Imagine if Obama had been meeting with a group of young, politically active black leaders. It would have been one of the biggest stories of the week. It would have been called historic. But since Obama never actually held a summit for young black leaders, we can only speculate.

We all know why the liberal media covered it this way, and it is because any black exodus from the Democrat Party is something that terrifies the Left.

The Democrat Party derives its power from enslaving blacks through groupthink. It robs blacks of their agency and of their individual ambition. Conservatives want blacks to be self-reliant, and with the unprecedented unemployment numbers we are seeing under Trump in the black community, that’s become more possible than ever, literally.

The fewer black people who are dependent on government, the less power the Democratic Party has. Since the mainstream media exists to serve the Democratic Party, this was the real reason why its coverage of the Yong Black Leadership Summit was so atrociously nonexistent.

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