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Media swarms to protect untouchable Hillary Clinton from Chinese hacking reports

Conservative Review

On Tuesday evening, President Trump called attention to a report that claimed China had infiltrated Hillary Clinton’s private home-brew server and stolen her emails, many of which contained classified information.

The Daily Caller reported Monday that a company connected to the Chinese government “hacked Hillary Clinton’s private server throughout her term as secretary of state and obtained nearly all her emails.”

Following President Trump’s tweet about the new revelations, the media swarmed to protect Hillary Clinton from blame for the reported hack. Many legacy outlets claimed that the president was simply making up the allegation “without evidence.” Of course, as commander in chief, the president has access to classified briefings and information that is not available to the media.

The “without evidence” claim, specifically, was parroted among the institutional press.

Given that China is perhaps the world’s second-most sophisticated cyber power, behind the United States and equal to or slightly ahead of Russia, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Beijing may have exploited the vulnerabilities in Clinton’s private server and stolen materials that could be quite valuable to the United States’ greatest strategic competitor.

The media does not appear to be concerned in the slightest that Hillary Clinton’s gross negligence may have resulted in an intelligence coup for China.

During President Obama’s tenure, the Chinese government exposed and executed or imprisoned at least 18 U.S. spies in China. It remains a mystery how Beijing was able to uncover and disrupt the U.S. intelligence network. Some claim a botched communications system is to blame. Others aren’t so sure. The media is not at all interested in pursuing the possibility that Hillary Clinton could be responsible for China’s massive intelligence triumph. Will the intelligence community follow up on President Trump’s high-priority request to investigate the matter?

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