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The media’s ‘innocent, unarmed Palestinians’ narrative comes crashing down

Conservative Review

For the past few days, the legacy media has been repeatedly telling us that Israeli forces are brutalizing “unarmed,” nonmilitant Palestinian civilians who are simply exercising their right to protest.

It has become quite clear that many of the Palestinians are indeed armed with a plethora of weapons, including explosives such as grenades and Molotov cocktails and meat cleavers and other weapons with which to target Israeli communities located just outside the Gaza border.

In fact, organizers have been explicitly encouraging Palestinians to bring weapons to the border riots.

Additionally, several incidents have confirmed that many of these supposedly unarmed civilians are armed with a variety of weapons.

And now we also have confirmation, from the terrorists themselves, that the vast majority of those who were neutralized by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) were in fact members of a U.S.-designated terror group.

Hamas official Salah Bardawil appeared on Palestinian state media Wednesday and pronounced that at least 50 of the 60 or so who were reportedly killed in the “Great Return March” were members of Hamas.

Add that to the number claimed by the Iran-backed, Gaza-based Islamic Jihad terror group, and it’s quite possible that virtually every casualty of the “Great Return March” was a member of a terrorist organization.

What Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist groups say in Arabic is meant for internal consumption only. As long as they make their pronouncements in Arabic, it usually doesn’t carry over to the mainstream media, which is all too eager to dutifully sweep these unsavory narratives under the rug. As this week’s events have shown, mainstream media outlets like the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, BBC, AP, and countless others are refusing to air statements from the mouths of the Palestinian terrorist leadership.

The truth of the matter remains crystal clear: Hamas is committed to a never-ending terrorist campaign against Israel and its Jewish population. Its officials continue to repeat these goals in Arabic media.

Hamas has always sought the destruction of Israel, as laid out in its founding charter. The legacy media can continue to spin the facts, but nothing has really changed.

It turns out that these “unarmed protesters” were not actually unarmed, but carrying an array of weapons. And they were not protesters, but members of U.S.-designated jihadist terrorist organizations.

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