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Mueller clown show continues: Special counsel subpoenaed fringe conspiracy theorist

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Robert Mueller has subpoenaed Jerome Corsi, a fringe conspiracy theorist, to demand answers on the connections between former Trump confidant Roger Stone and WikiLeaks, reports Maggie Haberman of the New York Times.

“Mr. Mueller’s team appears to be zeroing in on Mr. Stone as a possible nexus between the Trump campaign and WikiLeaks,” reports Haberman, who has in the past been described by Hillary Clinton campaign officials as a “friendly journalist” who has reliably “teed up” stories for Democrats.

Mueller’s subpoenaing of fringe figures to testify on Russian collusion appears to confirm the reality that he is no closer to pinning down Trump-Russia fantasies than he was on day one of his investigation, which the president has taken to labeling a “witch hunt.”

Mr. Corsi, who now works for the conspiracy website Infowars, will testify Friday before the special counsel’s grand jury, his lawyer told the New York Times. Mueller reportedly plans to ask Corsi what he knows about Trump-Russia collusion.

The special counsel’s team has been digging into whether former Trump political adviser Roger Stone communicated with WikiLeaks — under the assumption that WikiLeaks is a front organization being controlled by the Russian government — and possibly coordinated the release of private emails that were damaging to Hillary Clinton’s presidential aspirations. Corsi is reportedly an associate of Stone's.

The WikiLeaks email dump proved hugely embarrassing for the Clinton machine. The emails revealed that Clinton received debate questions in advance from CNN staffer Donna Brazile, in addition to other scandals involving her family foundation and political dealings.

In her piece, Haberman writes that Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, had his private email account “hacked in 2016.” She adds that the release of Podesta’s emails occurred as Trump was facing questions about the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape. Without evidence, she leads readers to draw the conclusion that the Trump campaign had a hand in coordinating the email dump.

Moreover, Podesta was not even “hacked.” John Podesta failed to uphold the most basic of information security protocols. The Clinton campaign chair gave away his information to a primitive spear-phishing scam, which officials have attributed to Moscow, which also targeted GOP networks and officials.

It has been 476 days since special counsel Robert Mueller commenced his investigation into Russia’s alleged interference in the 2016 presidential elections. Mueller and his team of Democrat prosecutors appear to have interpreted their appointment from Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein as an unlimited mandate to challenge the legitimacy of the duly elected president of the United States.

Mueller has for quite some time been trafficking in collusion conspiracy theories — many of which are sourced to the salacious, unverified, Hillary Clinton-funded political opposition research document known as the Trump-Russia dossier — so it seems a natural fit that he’s subpoenaed a conspiracy theorist to get to the bottom of his hunt for collusion.

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