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Obama is sending our special ops to fight for our enemies

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It never ends.  Is it too much to ask that we don’t send our brave troops into aimless quagmires full of enemy forces fighting each other with no positive outcome that fulfills our interests? Can’t we just let our enemies fight each other?

When I warned several months ago that Obama was sending our special operators into a meat-grinder, this is exactly what I meant:

The U.S. has sent about 40 special-operations troops to work alongside Turkish forces to fight Islamic State in northern Syria, U.S. officials said.

It is the first time American special-operations forces are working with the Turkish military and moderate rebels in Syria, in a move seen by U.S. officials as a way to strengthen the relationship with an ally in the fight against Islamic State militants. [Wall Street Journal]

I guess after fighting for Iran in Iraq, including giving air cover for and sharing bases with some of the same Shia militias that blew up hundreds of U.S. soldiers, it should come as no surprise that we are now fighting for the greatest Sunni Islamist power in the region as well.  After all, Recep Erdogen is the leading Muslim Brotherhood inspiration in the world. 

However, as Patrick Poole reports at PJ Media, these same Turkish fighters attacked our special operators near Aleppo yesterday!

And what about the “moderate” Syrian rebels?

Patrick Poole has the full roundup of videos and pictures showing the Free Syrian Army combatants threatening to behead the U.S. soldiers that are helping them.  Yes, these are the much-vaunted Syrian rebels we’ve been funding for the past few years.

Read Patrick’s full report here.

Some of these forces were affiliated with Ahrar-al-Sham, the al-Qaeda linked group that Obama has refused to designate as a terror group.  As USA Today reported last week, “nearly all the U.S.-backed opposition groups are fighting alongside Nusra against the Syrian government.”

The concept of a moderate rebel in Syria was best expressed by terrorism expert Max Abrams on twitter:

Folks, how can Republicans in Congress allow this to continue for even one day, especially given the leverage they have with the budget bill and the defense authorization bill?  Yet, sadly, there is not even a shred of debate over placing our troops in a meat-grinder on behalf of one terrorist faction in order to fight another.  Amazingly, the only point of contention over the NDAA is whether to designate the Sage Grouse as an endangered species.

When one considers the training and sacrifice it takes to become a special operator, it’s hard not to recoil with shock and outrage that their dedication is being sacrificed on the altar of Islamo-fascisim and America’s enemies.  Does anyone in Congress care about their well-being, or if nothing else, about America’s time, treasure, and talent being utilized by our enemies?

At some point, the American people need to rise up and demand an end to this vicious cycle of dying on the sword of Islamism.  There are undoubtedly certain military interventions that are in our strategic interests.  But when there is no good outcome and multiple enemy factions fighting each other, can we just root for casualties and let Allah sort it out? 

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