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Obama promising more prison releases, Paul Ryan cheers him on

Conservative Review

In case you thought Obama’s clemency for 248 federal prisoners was unprecedented, the White House would like you to know he’s just getting started.  Even though he has already granted more clemencies than the past six presidents combined, Obama is planning to accelerate his jailbreak program.  Meanwhile, Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI), instead of moving to block funding for these prison releases, plans to legitimize Obama’s jailbreak by codifying it into law.

Here is what White House Counsel Neil Eggleston had to say at the Politico Playbook Breakfast on Friday:

‘No more eating, sleeping or drinking until we get all these commutations done,’ Eggleston recalled telling his staff after Obama met on Wednesday with people who’d had their sentences commuted in the past. 

So far, Obama’s commutations have come in batches released every few months. December’s was the biggest set to date, at 95. At that time, too, administration officials promised more speed. On Friday, Eggleston said he believes the ‘infrastructure is now very much in place’ to file and process clemency petitions. 

‘You're going to start seeing a lot more very quickly,’ Eggleston said. ‘I think you’re going to start seeing them on a more regular basis. I did want to get a little out of the notion that each one had to be more than the one before because that's sort of an artificial floor.’ 

As we observed last week, the primary drivers of the federal prison population are illegal immigration and the drug cartels.  Yet, instead not “eating, sleeping or drinking” until our nation’s sovereignty and security are defended, the White House is harnessing that sense of urgency to release dangerous career criminals back onto our streets.

And speaking of the nexus of immigration and jailbreak, the Atlanta Journal Constitution(AJC) published an exposé yesterday detailing the extent of the criminal alien problem in Georgia.  In response to a FOIA request from the AJC, ICE released data showing 5,300 releases of criminal aliens in Georgia from October of 2011 to December of 2014.  The AJC notes that “many had been convicted of traffic offenses, including driving under the influence,” but others were serving time for “more serious charges, such as assault, rape and homicide.”

The AJC also obtained data for 2015 and was told that 105,632 criminal aliens were released nationally.  Of those released last year, there were “10,731 convictions for assault; 890 for sexual assault, including rape; 473 for homicide-related offenses; and 375 for kidnapping.”

Where is the national outrage from Republicans about the broader jailbreak agenda, the clemencies and the release of violent criminal aliens?  Republicans should be introducing legislation, holding hearings, and conducting non-stop media interviews decrying this war on our sovereignty, security, and society.  Yet, on an almost daily basis, Speaker Paul Ryan actually name-drops “criminal justice reform” as his top legislative priority for the remainder of the year.  He provides Obama tailwinds instead of headwinds for his most dangerous agenda, which is opposed by the silent majority of the country.

It comes as no surprise, therefore, that Obama’s approval rating is higher than it’s ever been over the past few years, despite the colossal national security malfeasance on the part of the administration.  Whether it’s Iran violating the terms of the deal, Obama releasing terrorists from Guantanamo Bay, endless immigration issues, groveling before Cuba, or giving weapons to Islamists in Syria, Republicans have failed to litigate the case against Obama.  They have opted to focus on banal and obscure legislative priorities and have ignored endless issues of grave concern.

Imagine if we had a Republican Party that spotlighted some of the issues we focus on daily at Conservative Review?  It would not only represent prudent policy; it would be sound politics.  The majority of this country is concerned about rising crime and believes that there has been a break down in law and order.  Perhaps one day we will have a president who finally prioritizes law and order.

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