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This poll shows Trump is right and the media is wrong on illegal immigration

Conservative Review

A new poll has evidence that there really are two Americas. Despite the America presented by the mainstream media that is freaking out over President Trump's immigration policies, that calls border security racist, the president knows he's connecting with the America that values national sovereignty, the America that votes.

The Politico/Morning Consult poll finds that a slim 51 percent majority supports immigration raids conducted by ICE verses 35 percent who oppose those raids. These are raids conducted to arrest and deport illegal immigrants who have court orders to be removed from the United States. And according to Morning Consult Vice President Tyler Sinclair, Trump increases his support just by talking about immigration raids, whether the raids take place or not.

“Keeping immigration in the headlines helps President Trump with his base in the run-up to the 2020 election,” said Sinclair. "Security issues track as the No. 1 issue when Republican voters head to the polls.”

Further, keep these numbers in mind when the Left accuses immigration law enforcement of running concentration camps and ICE agents of being Nazis:

  • A 41% plurality said the United States allows too many refugees to settle in the country.
  • A 45% plurality said the United States is facing a crisis of illegal immigration at the border.
  • A 45% plurality said the 2020 census should have a citizenship question.

And before you think this poll over-sampled Republicans, 38 percent of respondents identified as Democrats, 32 percent as independents, and 31 percent as Republicans.

This shouldn't be surprising. These poll numbers were echoed by a recent focus group of swing voters in Michigan, including nine people who voted for Barack Obama in 2012 and Trump in 2016, along with three Romney/Clinton voters. Discussing immigration, they said things like this:

  • On free health care for illegals: "Why would you want to give it to another person from a different country for free?" Larry S. asked.
  • "Give them free benefits, this that and the other thing. That is ridiculous," said Rhonda H. "They’ll come from anywhere and get a house and a car, too."
  • "We shouldn’t give away our birthright like candy," said Shawn M. "Meaning that all they have to do is cross the border illegally, pop out a kid, and they’re a U.S. citizen. Two illegals do not a citizen make," she added.
  • "I don’t want to be a jerk," said Rhonda H. "I feel terrible for these people, but there are people in this country who are struggling to survive. We need to focus on the United States."
  • "There’s no end in sight," said Patricia B., a Romney-Clinton voter. "It’s just a frustrating, endless amount of people."

What you're hearing from media pundits about illegal immigration on cable news is not what the lean-Democrat voters President Trump needs to reach actually think. The president is not playing to his base by talking about illegal immigration; he's reaching fed-up Americans who've voted for both parties, love their country, and want the country to be a country and have borders.

President Trump and the Republicans should charge ahead with the message that Democrats don't care about what Americans think on illegal immigration and border security. It's a winning message.

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