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PragerU has planned the ultimate troll of YouTube

Conservative Review

Ahead of legal proceedings in one of its lawsuits about Silicon Valley censorship and suppression of its videos, PragerU is planning to take its message to the streets as well as the courtroom.

On Facebook Wednesday morning, the educational nonprofit announced that it will bring its message to Big Tech companies via a big, loud, video-enabled truck.

"We rented a box truck with LED video screens on the side and we’re going to be playing all the PragerU videos that YouTube has restricted," PragerU chief marketing officer Craig Strazzeri told PJ Media ahead of the announcement. He added that the truck will "drive by all the Big Tech headquarters — Google, Twitter, Facebook."

The video truck tour will take place Thursday ahead of Friday's oral arguments in PragerU's lawsuit against Google over the decision to restrict the nonprofit's educational videos on YouTube, which is owned by Google. The lawsuit is similar to another one currently before the Ninth Circuit and claims that Google is “unlawfully restrict[ing] and restrain[ing] speech and expression" by restricting access to hundreds of its videos.

"The goal of this [truck tour] is to win in the court of public opinion" rather than just the court of law, Strazzeri explained to PJMedia. "As much as we need to win legally in the courtroom we also need to win publicly."

When videos are restricted, they become invisible to children and other people using YouTube's "restricted mode."

As an example of how the group's videos have been treated, last week co-founder Dennis Prager cited the case of a video about the Ten Commandments that was restricted because it mentioned murder. "You don’t want kids to hear that God said, 'Thou shall not murder'?" Prager remarked. "That shouldn’t be heard by kids? I mean, is that a joke?"

"It’s obvious that our videos are educational and appropriate for young people," Strazzeri said. "All young people should be watching our videos. We do hope that lots of people will be given the chance to see our videos" when the video truck rolls through the area.

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