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Raise your hand if you believe in ‘Trump Trauma’

Conservative Review

A friend highlighted an article by Michael Walsh at the New York Post. The article is titled, "How 'Trump Trauma’ could hand the Democrats a victory in 2020." Though my friend seems to agree with the author's sentiments, I find the assessment by Walsh to be no different from the arguments I and others have had many times, going back before the 2016 election.

The author believes the president's tweeting (yawn) is hurting his chances in 2020. There are other writers I know who are stepping up their attacks on the president, constantly claiming they are not NeverTrumpers yet vocally and consistently opposed to the man, regardless of what he has accomplished in the past three years. They, too, claim Trump ought to shut up. I've seen them complain over the funny cat/pointer video Trump posted on Twitter to mock the press. They believe it's not presidential; they believe he is embarrassing them. But I do not understand how some of them could be embarrassed by a president who has gotten so much done and who has shown himself to be open to conservative ideas more than any other Republican president since Reagan.

I heard Rush say that he is seeing some wavering going on “out there among you deplorables.” The never-ending media negativity has been working on the nerves of some Trump supporters, and they might be thinking he needs to change his way of doing things to be able to get some positive press about him out there.

But “Trump Trauma,” if it even exists, is really just a worry of storm clouds on the horizon. While people soak up the sunshine, those nagging thoughts of doom creep in to those minds unaccustomed to political happenings that seem to go their way. It's a common thought process, and though it's good to be aware of roadblocks, there’s no need to think they will end in doom. The worst reaction to this thought process is to assume Trump should change the way he's doing things. That is what would derail 2020, not his tweeting and not the media's actions.

Throughout the Obama years, I observed many times that rural Democrats would not switch to the Republican Party, even though they agreed with my conservative politics close to 100 percent of the time and hated the direction of their own party. I was frustrated beyond belief that these people I worked with and lived among just hated Republicans because they were taught their entire lives to hate Republicans. Mitt Romney didn't help. Mitt Romney was the quintessential rich, smarmy Republican my conservative Democrat friends absolutely hated.

But Trump changed all that.

They liked Trump back in 2015, and they love him now. The local Republicans no longer have trouble getting volunteers to get out the vote. People are proud to wear political advertisements. The folks who protest-voted against Trump in 2016, the same people who could not embrace him because of his treatment of other candidates, are buying MAGA/KAG merch and bragging about it. This happened because of Trump, who is bringing conservative concerns into the spotlight.

If there is any trauma out there, it is trauma from cracked minds causing a festering in Democrats who agree America is no good, that racism rules in this nation, that it's okay to kill life in the womb, that God is a figment of imagination, that government ought to take over people’s lives, that almost everything is more important to the environment than human life, and that anyone with more money than them ought to be punished. Such selfish, twisted, ghoulish minds are the foundation of totalitarian regimes. They are the enemy of what is good, right, and true, and they must be defeated in 2020.

But in order to defeat them, Americans must wear a suit of armor. If you are Christian, stand up for your faith. Stand up for the righteousness of this nation's Founding. Understand it was founded by the grace of God and because of belief in God Almighty. We are the only people in the world who can save this nation from the forces of evil. We have to be strong and withstand much more than the author of “Trump Trauma” seems to be able to.

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