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Reminder: Progressive 'concern' for 'people of color' is a lie

Conservative Review

President Trump’s reopening of Pocahontas-gate vis-à-vis Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and the attention on it, is mostly a yawner.

Sure, I like a high-quality troll as much as the next guy. But this one by Trump, during a ceremony to honor Native American code talkers for their service during World War II, was mostly just high. As in stoned.

But Warren's lying about being a Native American a few years back should be a huge cultural appropriation foul, if I’m reading the progressive tea leaves correctly. Meanwhile, real people of color are being threatened at their own homes for daring to, ahem, step off the reservation.

Meet Ajit Pai, the 44-year-old Indian American chairman of the Federal Communications Commission. That’s one more person of color than was in progressive Hollywood’s white supremacist versions of the Oscars a couple years ago. But Pai committed an unholy trinity of deadly sins that make his legitimate minority status good for nothing.

One: He is a Republican. Two: He works for Trump. And three: He is critical of something most Americans have never heard of — net neutrality — but that has nonetheless been deemed the latest progressive sacred cow around which all humanity must worship or be deemed a threat to history.

(Don’t worry, transgenderism. You won’t be on the sidelines long; it’ll be your turn again soon.)

Naturally, that means the very same progressives who think Warren is right to see racial slurs everywhere don’t seem to be too worked up about people targeting Pai’s home with things like a sign addressing his children that read, “They will come to know the truth. Dad murdered Democracy in cold blood.”

Not exactly an early visit from Santa for the Pai children. There’s no room on the fainting couch for them right now, though, because a white elitist brat was called the title of a Disney movie in jest, so naturally we are living in the dark days of Jim Crow again.

That means war. War over “Pocahontas.” War over net neutrality. As does it does with every issue from the progressive playbook. The “we know where you live” wing of the Democrat Party is increasingly calling the shots now. MSNBC’s Joy Reid confirmed as much recently when she called rural America a “core threat” to democracy.

Pai may as well live in a double-wide in Alabama and be a long-lost relative of Jefferson Davis. He and those he loved were bullied in the place they have every right to feel the safest, but no safe spaces are spared for them.

They are reserved for fakes like Warren.

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