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The Russia hoax is 'the biggest lie that I've ever seen perpetrated on the American public,' former Clinton pollster tells Levin

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On Sunday night's episode of Life, Liberty & Levin, LevinTV host Mark Levin interviewed former Clinton pollster and strategist Mark Penn about how current Democrats' focus on impeachment is hurting them with the American people.

Overall, Penn says the kind of partisan divisiveness resulting from the acrimonious, never-ending debate about whether or not to remove the president from office is bad for the country as a whole.

"No one can be an effective president, or as effective as they could be, if they're under constant threats and investigations," Penn explained.

Penn — a Democratic activist for decades — worked on Bill and Hillary Clinton's campaigns for president but has been an outspoken opponent of his fellow Democrats’ obsession with impeaching President Trump. Penn noted how, in many respects, the current fight over impeaching President Trump is even worse than the incredibly divisive impeachment proceeding against Clinton.

Penn explained how the pro-impeachment energy in the Democratic base was created by "a fundamental mistruth." He said that mistruth "started with Christopher Steele and the GPS Fusion dossier that created a huge echo chamber."

"It's the biggest lie that I've ever seen perpetrated on the American public, and it's whipped everyone up," Penn continued. "I would have liked to have seen our politicians at the end of the day, after the Mueller report came out, get together and say, 'We thought maybe there was something there, but there wasn't.' And they didn't."

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