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Socialism isn’t confusing

Conservative Review

Watching the Democrats simultaneously embrace and distance themselves from the label of "socialist" is entertaining, but annoying.

They are trying to confuse the subject, claiming policies that the United States already has in place are socialist policies, widely popular.

Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare are the big programs that the Democrat socialists tout as "American policies" that are indeed socialist. If we are uncomfortable with socialism, they taunt, why don't we suggest getting rid of these policies.

But we have, in fact. Though he went on to expand Medicare, George W. Bush campaigned on "privatizing" Social Security, a proposition that would have fixed the entire situation, instead of insolvency Social Security faces in a few years. The Democrat socialists went insane over "privatization," claiming that "the rich" would control our future. Government, in the mind of a Democrat socialist, is the only ultimate power.

But socialism isn't confusing or hard to understand. Socialism is your lazy brother-in-law who always just needs a couple of bucks, maybe a loan that he'll never pay back, always mooching off of you, asking what you're having for Sunday dinner and couldn't he and his new girlfriend the stripper come over?

Socialism is your neighbor who always borrows stuff and never returns it. Then when you go to his garage sale, you suddenly realize the hedge trimmer, cordless drill, and battery charger he is selling seem awfully familiar.

Socialism is the dumb jock who charms the bookish girl so she'll do his homework for him. She'll end up working three times as hard as she would otherwise, just for a wink and a hug. Socialism is how the lazy, dumb, and unimaginative get stuff they don't deserve.

Socialism, put simply, exists by sucking wealth, hard work, and prosperity out of those who create it. What one person or group of people have created by hard work, socialism will suck dry through demands from those who never did, nor could, create.

Then there are the people who tell you that you wouldn't be Christian if you didn't loan out all your good tools to your neighbor. Turn the other cheek, they say, it's the Lord's way.

Socialism exists through guilt. Perhaps you knew your stupid, lazy brother-in-law was always no good, but your wife tells you to do the "right thing."

And God forbid you mention the fact that you worked hard to get all those things and they hold monetary and personal value to you. For shame, they chide! Don't you know the way of the Lord is to give and never expect anything in return? The Left calls upon muddled versions of biblical lessons in order to suck your wealth dry.

They claim that we are all in this society together and that you must give to those who are less fortunate than you. As if fortune is gained only through luck. As if fortune has nothing to do with hard work and perseverance.

Then they say "the rich" don't deserve their money; they must give it to the socialist system. They empower the state to confiscate the fortune of a few, until the fortune of the few no longer keeps up with the sucking.

They whip up angry, jealous crowds to go after the rich, claiming they are for the middle. When the rich are sucked dry, there are inevitably more angry, jealous poor, and then they go after the middle.

Socialism is government spending, but first it's forced taking. Socialists start taking by coaxing through guilt, then shame, then force. Socialism cannot exist in nature, because eventually you have to force people to comply with something so unjust.

It is unjust that you should be forced to turn over what you produce through the work of your mind and body to those who did nothing but befriend the authorities. As the noose of socialism tightens, the state grows stronger, and the individual is helpless under its grip.

Our nation was built on the freedom of the human mind, body, and spirit. It is a glory to God that we are all created equal, yet with different individual talents that can only thrive if given the freedom they yearn for. Our work on earth is for the greater glory of God. We work to please Him and, in turn, help all of humanity.

No, socialism isn’t confusing. Socialism is touted by the cowardly, underhanded, and power-hungry, whose ultimate goal is to control the people.

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