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This one’s easy, guys. I’m standing with Chuck.

Chuck Yeager, that is. The 95-year-old badass who broke the sound barrier after serving as a fighter pilot in World War II.

When told that the new movie about fellow pilot-turned-astronaut Neil Armstrong didn’t feature the planting of the American flag on the moon, because Armstrong himself would have viewed such an obvious patriotic gesture as less important than the film’s broader humanistic appeal, Yeager shot that bogey down.

"That's not the Neil Armstrong I knew," he wrote.

So add “First Man” to the list of movies I won’t see, along with “A Wrinkle in Time” and others that go way past not agreeing with my worldview to openly mocking it, contorting it beyond all recognition, or simply lying about its historical significance. That’s a game I won’t play. You don’t get to charge me a fee for being laughed at or lied to.

And that, if you haven’t been paying attention lately, is progressivism’s jam. It is propaganda through and through. Agitprop is its natural habitat. Because you will be made to care.

The moon landing wasn’t an unambiguous American success story, says Ryan Gosling, the actor playing Neil Armstrong. It was “widely regarded in the end as a human achievement [and] that's how we chose to view it.”

And choosing to not recreate the flag scene in the movie – arguably one of the most iconic moments in all of American history – wasn’t remotely political in its motivation, said another of the film’s actors, Jason Clarke: "It's just silly and naive I think. … People look for conspiracy theories rather than looking for the truth."

Ironically, Clarke's last starring role was his portrayal of a young Ted Kennedy conspiring with his father's political allies in the historical docudrama “Chappaquiddick” (which is great, by the way). But you can't blame Clarke for his lack of self-awareness, for that lack is all the rage these days.

This is how propaganda so often works, with the perpetrators not coincidentally using the tactics of the serpent in the garden, wielding various versions of “Did He really say that?”

Was it really an American success, or is that just jingoism and unfair to the rest of the planet? Was it really us lying to you or are you lying to yourselves?

Well, if you are ready to believe such nonsense concerning the moon landing and its obvious relevance within the historical record as a purposeful and heroic American achievement, then I’ve got some Nike stock to sell you.

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