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Blaze Media proudly announces Christopher Bedford is joining our team: 'I'm not willing to cede that fight'
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Blaze Media proudly announces Christopher Bedford is joining our team: 'I'm not willing to cede that fight'

Blaze Media proudly announces that noted conservative writer Christopher Bedford will be joining the Blaze News team as a Washington correspondent and senior politics editor, beginning this week.

Born and raised in Massachusetts, Bedford has spent decades writing for various conservative-minded publications, including National Review, the New Criterion, the American Mind, the Washington Examiner, the Federalist, and the Daily Caller News Foundation, where he remains on the board. He even published a book, "The Art of the Donald," in 2016.

Throughout his time in and out of right-leaning media, Bedford has lived in and around Washington, D.C., the heart of what former President Donald Trump often referred to as "the swamp." As Blaze News' Washington correspondent and senior politics editor, Bedford will remain laser-focused on all things politics, including the swamp and its associates.

To that end, he will author an insider newsletter, publish some opinion columns, and make frequent appearances on BlazeTV shows to provide subscribers with breaking news and the latest updates from our nation's capital.

When asked why he remains in the thick of the swamp and all its attending corruption, Bedford gave Blaze News a message of hope. "There's a good group of religious, conservative, patriotic people here who are fighting, and they're fighting hard," Bedford said.

"I'm not willing to cede the seat of power to folks that want to destroy this country."

Part of staying in the fight is staying in D.C., he said, and engaging in what he sees largely as a spiritual battle masquerading as a political one. "There are real forces of evil at work in this country and around the world," he said, claiming that the "hysteria and panics that our world has been put through in just the last few years" are manifestations of other, more insidious "forces at work."

"I envy my friends who started families in God-fearing parts of this country," he acknowledged, "but I'm not willing to cede that fight yet."

Blaze News editor in chief Matthew Peterson couldn't agree more. "I used to, like Chris, enjoy Washington, D.C., in the deepest sense and visit with great reverence for the history and monuments. The founders were and are very real men to me who accomplished something glorious and great," he said.

"But something has changed, and we can feel it now in the city itself — it's an essential, spiritual change. Parts of the culture of corruption have really become ugly. Disgusting, really. The spirit of the place feels genuinely evil. It wasn't always this way. But if we are going to make things better, we need to see clearly through the degeneracy and understand what's truly going on in order to fix it," Peterson added.

Peterson and Bedford have been friends for a long time. In fact, Bedford has known many Blaze Media leaders for years, hoping to find the right time to join together against our common opponents on the political left. That time is now, Bedford insisted: "I'm pumped to be back here with TheBlaze to jump into the 2024 election and onward."

"TheBlaze has just done a phenomenal job over the years, really building up an American brand that speaks to people far outside the Washington beltway," he continued. "But now, it's well positioned to try to expose and shine some light on what is going on in D.C."

Sentiments like that make Bedford a great fit at Blaze News, Peterson said. "We increasingly live in a world in which no one is allowed to see, never mind say, what is actually happening. This is especially true when it comes to our political leaders, even those supposedly on 'our side.' The Republican Party is not always honest with its voters, and neither are many of those shilling for it in the media on other networks.

"Chris is very rare in that he knows how things actually work in Washington and is willing to call out what he sees. I can't wait to have him giving the play-by-play for our audience."

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