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‘Superman’ actor becomes police officer to fight crime in real life

Conservative Review

“Superman” actor Dean Cain was sworn in as a reserve officer in the St. Anthony Police Department in Idaho, Fox News reported Thursday.

Cain, who’s known for his role as Superman in the ABC television show “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman,” explained why he decided to take on some real-life crime fighting with the department's "All About Kids" program.

“I’ve had a tremendous respect for law enforcement, and for military and first responders my whole life. My grandfather was a commander in the Navy, my uncle was a lieutenant colonel in the Air Force, and I haven’t served, and I had an opportunity to do so and actually help kids at the same time, so I jumped at the chance and put on the badge,” Cain told “Fox & Friends.”


Cain expressed his support for law enforcement in our current climate.

“Law enforcement is under a lot of attack right now. They’re getting a lot of heat in our country … I’m hoping to be able to help sort of blur that line a little bit and bring the community and the men and women in blue a little bit closer. So instead of going against the cops, I’m actually joining up.”

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