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Tax breaks for Hollywood?! Jim DeMint calls out GOP 'budget busting' hypocrites

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Conservatives in Congress are getting screwed.

Republican leadership has put forward a massive budget deal struck with the Democrats that grows government by 13 percent and breaks spending caps Republicans fought for when Obama was president. Leadership is telling conservatives to support this bill or risk shutting down the government and hurting the military.

There are no conservative reforms in the budget deal. But it gets worse. While Republicans in Congress are handing a blank check to the Democrats on spending, they're also acting as total hypocrites.

Conservative Partnership Institute Chairman Jim DeMint called out Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., for hiding certain kickbacks to special interest groups in the budget deal Republican leadership is telling conservative congressmen to vote for.

He's not kidding. Here are some of the choice tax breaks extended in the budget deal:

  • A tax credit for hybrid cars.
  • A tax credit for certain two-wheeled electric vehicles.
  • A tax credit for "energy-efficient homes."
  • A four-year extension of a tax break on rum.
  • A tax credit for mine equipment.
  • A property tax break on racehorses.
  • A tax credit on solar water heating.
  • An income tax deduction for movie and theater productions costing under $15 million.

There's a lot more in there, but DeMint's point is clear: Republicans promised to simplify the tax code and stop coddling special interest groups like Hollywood and the energy lobby. But now that they passed tax reform and people stopped paying attention, the GOP is shoehorning many special tax breaks into a $400 billion budget-busting spending bill with no cuts in spending to pay for them.

Increasing the size of government. Giving handouts to special interest groups. This is not a party that represents conservative voters.

CRTV congressional correspondent Nate Madden contributed to this report. 

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