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Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick: Mollie Tibbetts' blood 'is on Chuck Schumer's hands and every Democrat'

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Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, R, unleashed on Senate Democrats Thursday, telling Fox News that they "don't give a damn" about American lives taken by criminal illegal aliens. He said the Democrats were responsible for Mollie Tibbetts' death, and called on Republicans to change Senate rules to prevent Democrats from blocking border security legislation.

"I'm tired of Mitch McConnell not changing the rules to bypass Chuck Schumer and the Democrats," Patrick said on America's Newsroom. "It's time for the Republicans who are in the majority to follow the president's lead, fund the wall, and secure this border."

Patrick said he was feeling passionate after a suspect in the murder of University of Iowa student Mollie Tibbetts was apprehended by law enforcement and found to be an illegal immigrant. Tibbetts' name became the focus of national headlines after she went missing one month ago. Her body was found in a field Tuesday morning.

"This is a young lady whose name was Mollie Tibbetts," Patrick said. "And I can only imagine the fear in her eyes, her heart beating in terror as her life was taken away.

"Everything was taken away from her and I look at Chuck Schumer and in my view, for pure politics, the blood of her and Kate Steinle and the thousands across America in the last decade or more who have been killed by criminal aliens, many of them here illegally, the blood is on Chuck Schumer's hands and every Democrat and the Republicans who won't change the rules," he continued.

Patrick declared that if Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., refuses to change the Senate rules, Republican voters need to get out and vote to increase the Senate majority to overcome Democratic filibusters of border security legislation.

"We're going to have to get close to 60 Republicans in the Senate so that Chuck Schumer can't block these bills. This is pure politics. And it's not just about the American lives, who I don't think they give a damn about, quite frankly," but also about people who want to come to the United States legally," he said.

"Most of the people that cross the border who come here for a better life, they don't want to have to swim across the river," he added. "They don't want to have to be raped by their handlers as a bounty to cross. They don't want to be stuffed in an 18-wheeler, they want to come here legally."

"But until Congress fixes this it's not going to happen and we're going to see more Americans die."

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