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The Republican Party hates you: Glenn Beck interviews Steve Deace on his new book, 'Truth Bombs'

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Tuesday on the Glenn Beck Radio Program, BlazeTV host Glenn Beck interviewed his fellow BlazeTV host Steve Deace about Deace's new book, "Truth Bombs: Confronting the Lies Conservatives Believe (To Our Own Demise)."

Deace's book calls upon his experience as a political activist in the conservative movement to expose several lies about the Republican Party that conservatives have come to believe. Believing these lies, Deace argues, has prevented conservatives from succeeding in politics. Beck alluded to this point, discussing the Republican Party's repeated failures.

"The Republican Party, they didn't want to — none of them wanted to get rid of Obamacare. None of them really wanted to do anything about the border. It's just a game that they continue to play with us over and over and over again," Beck said.

Deace went further, explaining that the Republican Party doesn't just fail to advance conservatism; it actively opposes it.

"In my ten-plus years of working full-time in political activism on campaigns from president to school board, I've learned one truth among many that stands above the rest and that's this: The only political party in America that hates everyday Americans, conservatives, orthodox religious believers more than the Democrats are the Republicans," Deace said.


Beck and Deace also touched on why there is no third party in America for conservatives to oppose progressive Democrats and Republicans.

"If you want to think long-term and know the truth, know the truth about yourself, your argument, our side, the conservative movement, how do we win in 2020, how do we win in 2024, and how do we save the nation, the book is 'Truth bombs' by Steve Deace," Beck said.

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