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THIS is the fundamental problem with the Republican tax plan

Conservative Review

Why is it that the Republican party could not put together a simple, sweeping tax-cut package that reduced rates for everyone, cut corporate taxes, and simplified the tax code in a way that everyone could understand?

The answer is the fundamental problem with the D.C. swamp: lobbyists. According to a new analysis from a watchdog group, more than half of all registered lobbyists in Washington D.C. have been gainfully employed working on the tax plan in 2017.

From The Hill:

There are just under 11,000 active lobbyists in the nation's capital, according to data compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics (CRP), and more than half of them — 6,243 — have reported working on taxes this year, according to the report, which relies on CRP data.

Spread out over Capitol Hill, that means there are more than 11 lobbyists working on taxes for every member of Congress.

“The mind-boggling number of lobbyists corporate America has hired to reshape the tax code is of almost biblical proportions and undoubtedly cost a fortune,” said Lisa Gilbert, Public Citizen’s vice president of legislative affairs. “But the rate reductions and other favors in the legislation will exact a far greater price on regular Americans.”

Every special interest in Washington D.C. is clamoring for its own special carve-outs in the tax plan — which is why the tax code is so complicated in the first place.

If nothing else, this goes to show you why tax reform is far more difficult than many claim and why tax reform is not the issue Congress should have tackled at this time.

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