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To reform the Republican Party, defeat the Democrats in November

Conservative Review

The election of Obama signified the colossal mess the Republican Party had become. When millions of regular Americans responded two years later to stop our government’s radical lurch to the Left, the Republican Party had learned nothing.

So those of us who played a part in that special time in 2010 can feel the absence of excitement to support and defend the Republican Party now that it rules the roost — and is the only thing standing in the way of a Democrat takeover of government. If we let the Republicans lose by not showing up in November, we may lose our president, but also our speech, our rights, and our nation.

On one hand, we have some Republicans sounding like President Trump’s best friends in the world when we know they aren’t, and on the other we have the president stumping for people he verbally destroyed not too long ago. In the realm of politics, anything you say can and will bite you in the ass later. I just hope some of the things the president said about one of our greatest senators, Ted Cruz, doesn’t land us a Beto in November.

But what is truly significant is the number (we’ll never know how many) of people within the ranks of the Republican Party who want the president to be impeached. They believe a President Pence will cure the Republican Party of this brain fever that has swelled up and elected Trump. As usual, these people take zero responsibility for their own actions and refuse to learn what the “common folk” think. These are the same types of people who thought impeaching Bill Clinton was absurd. They tend toward the agreement of the whole rather than having the courage to stand for principle. These are the people of the so-called “establishment.” And try as we might, we will never be rid of them. If they have their way, and they work with the Democrats to impeach our president, the Republican Party is over.

Funny how they think impeaching their own president will bring peace to our coalitions. The opposite will happen: Both political parties at this critical stage of the Republic are held together by string and staples. So some say the answer is to go third party. I do not agree. I say let the Left split. I say unite in November and defeat the Democrats. The chances that they will ultimately split increase exponentially in that case.

But uniting in November only goes so far. The nation and its institutions are in terrible disarray. Even when the Democrats lose, they win in court and erode the beauty of our country. Then we have those quislings in the Republican Party who will continue to foolishly try to team up with the Democrats. The game is already getting old and is fairly predictable — except for the unexpected, or Divine Providence. The election of President Trump was truly the unexpected, and many believe that in some ways, it was providential.

Some say that Divine Providence is finished in America. They say we have given up and cite the godless laws and court cases that have sent America into a degradation of biblical proportions. I don’t know if that’s the case.

What I do know is that the nation will fail if we leave it up to those elected to protect our freedoms. The greatness of the American experiment is that our fate is solely in our hands, but it’s true that a great many can’t see the desperate times we are in. That has been always the case, from Revolutionary times until now, and will always remain the case.

But it means that those who do see it must act.

To those who work for the betterment of our nation and with great force push back the leftist mob, in the grand scheme of things, we are on the same team. We must continue to assist the Democrat Party in destroying itself — and then get back to work on reforming the Republican Party.

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