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Trump donated $25,000 to Terry to ‘let criminals vote’ McAuliffe

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No Republican can win the White House without carrying the state of Virginia.  Yet, Donald Trump donated $25,000 to the very man who will turn Virginia from a competitive purple state into an unwinnable blue state.

According to CNN, among the many liberal Democrats Trump supported throughout his career was Terry McAuliffe in his first bid for the Virginia’s governor’s mansion in 2009.  We are not talking ancient history here.  The frontrunner for the GOP nomination gave $25,000 to one of the sleaziest Democrats of our generation just seven years ago, a man who served as the Chairman of the DNC.  As late as September 2014, Trump was still rubbing shoulders with the man:


What is so tragic and ironic is that McAuliffe just signed an executive order categorically restoring voting rights to 206,000 felons in Virginia, including convicted murderers.  His action likely violated the state’s Constitution.

With such a narrow window of electoral viability in Virginia, it’s almost impossible to win the state if these overwhelmingly Democrat voters are added to the high floor of Democrat support in the state.  Yet, Trump was one of the earliest supporters of the man who will likely tip the presidential election to Hillary Clinton if his executive order is not countermanded.

I hear many people say they are willing to forgive Trump’s plethora of liberal views because of his perceived stance on immigration.  After all, as we’ve pointed out many times, if the immigration issue is not confronted Democrats will cement a permanent electoral majority, thereby rendering every other issue moot.  The problem with this line of thought is that Trump is already responsible for helping Democrats create a permanent majority by supporting the very man doing so in one of the most critical blue states.

Trump likes to compare himself to Reagan and describes himself as a convert to the Republican Party.  But Reagan fought for conservative values for decades prior to running for president.  This man, on the other hand, has championed every left-wing cause under the sun until recently, and regarding several critical issues, still does to this very day.  Worse, at a time when conservatives were fighting the consummate issues of our time – the Gang of Eight amnesty bill, sanctuary cities, and jail break – Trump was supporting its very leaders.  He donated to the Gang of Eight and the Gang of Jailbreak.

For many Trump supporters, facts just don’t matter.  However, Trump’s own support for the very people who have created a permanent Democrat majority will become evident even to them in the general election when he can no longer carry a state like Virginia, thanks to his liberal donations.  In this case, he would have paid for the rope that ultimately hung himself.

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