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‘Two-state’ solution goal led to latest Jerusalem terror attack

Conservative Review

Over the past few months, the western world has experienced first-hand the vehicular jihad Israel has confronted in recent years. In Nice, France, 86 people were killed at a Bastille Day celebration, when a Tunisian Muslim rammed a cargo truck into a packed crowd. In Columbus Ohio, a Somali refugee ran over several students at Ohio State University.

Yet, when Israel experiences Islamic jihad, such as the vehicular attack that killed four and injured 15 today in Jerusalem, it is regarded as the result of a conventional land dispute between Jews and a mythical race of “Palestinian” Arabs.

In fact, it is precisely those who delegitimize Israel’s sovereignty and peddle the myth of Arab “Palestinian” land west of the Jordan River who are responsible for fanning the flames of jihad.

The State Department put out a statement condemning the attack “in the strongest terms…”:

MORE: State Dept. condemns in "strongest possible terms" Jerusalem truck attack: "Terrorism must never be tolerated" https://t.co/Agt5kKh86Cpic.twitter.com/D6eT8iK0qH

… Yet, it was the State Department’s policies that legitimized the actions taken by the PLO-backed terrorists.

The message from the global elites to the jihadists in the Middle East is unambiguous: Israel has no right to exist in its heartland of Judea and Samaria nor — by extension — in the remaining “Auschwitz borders” either. Translated into Arabic, that means: “Go out and do your thing” (wink and nod).

What the global elites don’t understand is that what starts in Israel doesn’t stay in Israel. According to Fox News, this was the 51st vehicular terror attack in Israel since September 2015. Now, vehicular jihad has become a preferred method of Islamic terrorism throughout western countries.

And guess who is supporting the terrorism?

The ruling Fatah faction of the PLO put out the following statement glorifying the terrorist:

Fatah's official account: "He who conducted the Jerusalem ramming operation was martyred by the Israeli occupation police" https://t.co/CrVIiR7ahw

And here is what the Palestinian media had to say about it:

Palestinian media is tweeting pictures of the daughter of Fadi al-Qanbar, the man who carried out today's terror attack in Jerusalem. https://t.co/xtnjucsECf

After digesting these vile displays of political jihad, now remember that we subsidize the PLO to the tune of $500 million a year, far more than they receive from any other country.

Last week, I warned conservatives that the resolution passed by the House disagreeing with the U.N. condemnation of Israel was nothing but an AIPAC sham and a loin-cloth to protect Democrats. The resolution called for the continuation of the Orwellian peace process and “Palestinian state.” This gave Democrats like Rep. Steny Hoyer, D-Md. (F, 8%) the opportunity to feign support for Israel and outrage at the U.N. on the one hand, but call on Israel to stop “building in areas envisioned in the long term as part of the future palestinian state” on the other hand.

It is this very irresponsible display of moral dyslexia — the notion that Jews cannot remain in their heartland — that has emboldened jihadists to step on the gas pedal in their inexorable war against western civilization.

On another note, Islamists are exploiting another facet of moral relativism endemic of western democracies, including Israel itself.

According to the Jerusalem Post, the Israeli soldier who shot the terrorist hesitated for a few moments. Why the reluctance to pull the trigger? Because much like our military did to some of our soldiers in Iraq, the Israel military leadership court-martialed a soldier for killing a terrorist under what they believed were questionable circumstances. Thus, Israel has been infected with the same disease of moral relativism as Europe and America — a disease that is undermining the resolve to confront evil.

Today is just one more example of why Western Civilization — whether it is willing to admit it or not — is locked in an implacable war with Islamic jihadists. And given that Israel has always been the canary in the coal mine, the fight for the future of Judea and Samaria is ground zero for this war.

The continued support for a so-called Arab Palestinian State by our political class will have dire consequences, and they won’t end in Jerusalem or Judea or Samaria. Europe is the new Judea, and America will be the new Jerusalem.

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