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Unborn babies—illegals the Left is willing to permanently deport

Conservative Review

In politics, you are the hills you’re willing to die on. And once again the Left’s hill to die on is death itself.

An Obama-appointed judge has ordered the government to allow a minor in its custody to kill her baby “promptly and without delay.” That minor happens to be a 17-year-old illegal alien from Mexico, which brings us squarely into the realm of the back-breaking situational ethics of the Left. Because one of the primary ways they have labeled their Bizarro version of how tolerance, rights, and justice are personified is through the stories of those known as “dreamers.”

Those would be young people not very different from the 17-year-old illegal alien in question, who were brought here by their parents at a young age. And now, as legal adults over the age of 18, they consider themselves to be Americans with a right to stay in this country like everyone else lawfully and actually born in the United States.

The Left has declared a SJW fatwa on behalf of these so-called dreamers. The argument being these dreamers just want what we want—simply a chance at making a better life for themselves. Who could possibly argue against that?

Just a bunch of bigots, right?

Well, if that’s the question, then leftists are the ones who have some serious explaining to do. Because the only one in this picture who is protecting the dreams of the 17-year-old’s unborn baby – a child who was brought to America “through no fault of its own” as the progressive propagandists like to say – is the Trump administration.

Leftists, on the other hand, have made clear they couldn't care less about whether the mistakes of the parent result in anything short of a death sentence for the child in this situation. For them this is a question of priorities, and nothing is more highly prioritized on the Left than killing children.


In fact, they are demanding such an outcome based on the whim of a single judge who, once again, can apparently decree anything she wants to from the bench. While the rest of us shrug our shoulders as if under the spell of a wizard named “Judicial Supremacy.”

“The courts have spoken,” goes the incantation. “You are powerless, and ‘We the people’ never happened. Move along and know your place, plebe.”

Strange. Seems hard to believe that anybody’s dreams, whether belonging to those born in America or across the border, can actually matter in anything but a utilitarian way, if a judge can literally order them killed under cover of the “the law” for merely having the audacity of existence.

Because if you get in the way of the Left’s highest civil sacrament – child murder – there is no tolerance for you. Not for your dream. Not for your dreamer status. Nor is there even a search for justice in the securing of future dreams.

Moloch is a jealous false demon…err…god, and he will not share his glory with another.

Not with black or brown people. Not with undocumented people. Not with poor people. Not with single women. Not with underage girls. Not with those who have a dream, or even those who claim dreamer as their status.

Dare to defy the baby-killing fields – regardless of race, ethnicity, and/or gender – and you might as well be named “Steve Bannon” as far as leftists are concerned. It’s taken a while, but we finally found some illegals the Left wants to permanently deport—the unborn variety.

So are Republicans just going to let this latest tyranny pass without a fight?

I think we already know the answer to that.

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