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WATCH: After Laura Loomer ban, Michelle Malkin blasts Twitter's 'rigged' free speech playing field

Conservative Review

CRTV contributor Michelle Malkin called out Twitter for one-sided bias and hostility to true free speech in a new video Monday, criticizing the social media platform for banning activist Laura Loomer while tolerating hateful rhetoric from the Left.

Loomer's Twitter account was recently suspended for a tweet accusing Muslim Rep.-elect Ilhan Omar, D-Minn. of being anti-Jewish. Malkin contrasted Loomer's treatment with that of New York Times journalist Sarah Jeong, who previously sent hateful and racist tweets about white people and was ignored by Twitter's terms of service enforcers.

"Their wildly different treatment by Twitter tells you everything you need to know about Silicon Valley’s free speech double standards," Malkin said.

"Let’s review. Laura Loomer was kicked off Twitter for calling out Sharia law and culture that promotes hatred of gays, boycotts of Jews, and subjugation of women. Before that permanent suspension, Loomer – who had built up a following of more than 250,000 people – had her blue check removed and was silenced during the midterm elections when her investigative work was making a difference. She had called out Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey for anti-conservative bias at a congressional hearing, and she was mocked by establishment detractors in both parties."

"Meanwhile, Sarah Jeong sits smugly at her perch on the New York Times editorial board after using Twitter to spew hatred against all men, all cops, and the entire white race. Jeong is an arrogant denialist about Silicon Valley’s political bias and selective speech suppression, which she dismissed as a 'paranoid fantasy,'" Malkin said.

"Every day that blue-checkmarked hatemonger Sarah Jeong gets to tweet while Laura Loomer remains silenced reminds us of how powerful social media conglomerates have rigged the free speech playing field. It’s no fantasy. It’s a nightmare."

Twitter is on a roll banning conservative voices. The most recent victim of its anti-free speech crusade is conservative commentator Jesse Kelly, who was permanently banned without explanation over the weekend.

When's the nightmare going to end?

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