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WATCH CNN's Alisyn Camerota get SHUT DOWN by Trump supporters

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The Acela corridor crowd really doesn't get how everyday Americans can support Donald Trump. Case in point? CNN's Alisyn Camerota had six Trump supporters on her show  including an African-American woman  to talk about Charlottesville and Trump's response. None of them answered Camerota's leading questions the way she had them planned. 

Here is Camerota asking about Trump's speech:

Not one of her guests thought there was anything wrong with how Trump handled the crisis, or with his speech afterwards. None. So Camerota quickly moved on. That's when she got into even hotter water.

Camerota tried to portray Daphne Goggins, an African-American Trump supporter, as a neo-Nazi sympathizer for her stance in support of the president. As CNS News' Craig Bannister reports, Goggins was having none of it.

Goggins laid some of the blame, not just on the Antifa, Neo-Nazi and White Supremacists — but, also on the local government, because “They didn’t protect the people.”

“It seems to me that you’re giving these guys a green light: the white supremacists," Camerota charged.

When Camerota argued that everyone in attendance, except Antifa and the counter-protesters, was either a Neo-Nazi or White Supremacist, Goggins said she found online video showing otherwise.

Camerota continued to press Goggins, who refused to take the bait.

Here's more from the panel discussion, including discussions of Afghanistan, North Korea, and Trump's mental fitness. Camerota was outclassed.

Goggins summed up the panel's feelings best when she said, "I don't trust anything that the news media says, anymore."

Neither do most Americans.

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