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WATCH: Cory Booker thinks Pompeo's Christian beliefs on gay marriage are disqualifying

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The Left is really going wild at secretary of state nominee Mike Pompeo's confirmation hearing. One Democratic senator expects Pompeo, if confirmed, to resign from office should President Trump fire special counsel Robert Mueller. And Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., grilled Pompeo over his beliefs about gay marriage.

Pompeo, a practicing Christian who has taught Sunday School for fifth-graders, believes in the Christian doctrine that teaches homosexuality is a sin.

Booker, a prospective 2020 Democratic candidate for president, repeatedly asked Pompeo if he still holds to his Christian beliefs.

"Senator, when I was a politician I had a very clear view on whether it was appropriate for two same-sex persons to marry. I stand by that," Pompeo said. "I continue to hold that view."

Pompeo made a point to inform Booker that he has treated gay people with the same respect that he treats straight people, but Booker continued to badger him about whether he believes gay sex is a perversion.

"I do not necessarily concur that you are ... forwarding the values of our nation when you can't even -- when you believe that there are people in our country that are perverse," Booker said.

See, Booker is not concerned with Pompeo's actions. He doesn't care that Pompeo has never treated a gay person with less respect than a straight person. It’s the crime of the thought that disqualifies him.

In this Democrat's mind, any conservative Christian who holds the orthodox Christian belief that homosexuality is a sin cannot serve as secretary of state, regardless of how this individual treats people.


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