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WATCH: Levin explains how America got a 'one-party press'

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Biased media in the United States are nothing new, but they at least used to be honest about it, explained LevinTV host Mark Levin Tuesday on BlazeTV's White House Brief.

During the discussion with BlazeTV White House correspondent Jon Miller, Levin explained how the American press used to be open about their biases and partisanship during the early years of American history.

In contrast, Levin continued, the journalistic landscape is now filled by a "one-party press," which functions as a voice for the Democratic Party and the political Left, but "doesn't identify itself as a one-party press."

As a result, Levin said, the modern mass media's ongoing objectivity myth is "destroying the institution of the press," later adding that "the reporting today, the newsrooms today, they're basically the Praetorian Guard for big, overarching, centralized government."

Levin details this media downward spiral in his new best-selling book, "Unfreedom of the Press," which chronicles the history of American journalism from the revolutionary era to today. He went on to explain that the modern mass media has sown the seeds of its own destruction as technology revolutionizes the information market.

The full episode — which also features an exclusive interview with Yair Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister's son — can be watched below:

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