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Watch: Sen. Ted Cruz spars with State Dept bureaucrat over Iran nuke program

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Sen. Ted Cruz is demanding answers from the State Department about why it continues to grant waivers to Iran to continue its nuclear program.

Today’s Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing produced major fireworks between Sen. Cruz and State Department official Andrea Thompson, who serves as Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security.

“How is it possibly in our best interest to allow Iran to continue doing nuclear research in the Fordow bunker that was built into the side of a mountain to be able to develop nuclear weapons to use to murder Americans? How is that in our best interest?” Cruz asked.

Failing to answer the question, the unelected State Department official responded that “everyone in this administration will stand for what’s right for the safety and security of the American people, bar none.”

Sen. Cruz repeated his question:

“Is it in our interest to allow Iran to continue to do nuclear research in the Fordow facility?”

He then received the shocking response from the unelected bureaucrat that the decisions made by the State Department are “always in the interest of the American people,” which Sen. Cruz called an “Orwellian position.”

The demeanor expressed by the State Department official highlights a commonplace mentality within the ranks of the federal bureaucracy, where far too many unelected bureaucrats see themselves as not having to answer to the American people or the administration that they work under. 

The Texas senator has continually raised awareness about the State Department’s efforts to thwart President Trump’s withdrawal from the nuclear deal with the jihadist regime that rules Iran.

"For two and a half years, the career officials at State who drafted the Obama nuclear deal have fought tenaciously against President Trump's resolve to end the deal. Enough is enough; when these nuclear waivers expire yet again in 90 days, they should end forever,” Cruz said in a statement released May 3.

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