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What will we do in this moment?

Conservative Review

They are who we feared they were.

The Democrats, that is. Led by the bloodthirsty hoard of U.S. senators in that party who just voted against a bill to make it illegal to kill a baby who survives an abortion — six of whom are running to be this country’s next president.

Yes, they are exactly who we thought they were. Because in my time identifying the various slippery slopes of progressivism, there isn’t one of those slopes where the culture hasn’t slipped right on down, further and further into the pit of hell. Not one.

So this was predictable. But not just because of who the Democrats are. Indeed, they are Romans 1 monsters. That’s not going to be enough of a lament, though, to change things. We’ve seen the Democrats defend selling baby parts for profit before. They are without shame. They won’t stop. The mob outside Lot's House never does stop until the sulfur starts falling.

They are the fixed variable in all this that ain’t gonna change in any direction except worse. So time, then, to look at our own army – whatever the identity of the GOP/conservative rabble that now exists – for its overwhelming tendency to favor retreat, conduct unbecoming, and outright desertion whenever it really matters.

What now will we do in this moment? There simply isn’t any point in declaring moral scoreboard on the Democrats because we aren’t icky like them. They are largely unopposed, regardless of election outcomes. Either way, they get almost everything they want no matter how wicked it is.

In that ghastly shadow, the fact that we think we look prettier in our uniforms on Twitter is not only meaningless but insane. It is the very sort of fawning weakness that the Democrats count on time and time and time again to be able to eventually ram through whatever hellspawn they can conjure up.

In fact, the Democrats clearly don’t even care any more about being exposed on something so heinous as infanticide. They came out for outright murder loud and proud this week. That means there needs to be an intense level of follow-up to the Senate’s show vote by those who claim to be appalled by what they are seeing.

Because if all this amounts to is "and that's why you have to vote Republican in 2020 so they can keep funding the fiends at Planned Parenthood," then the vote probably wasn’t even worth taking at all. If anything, we should be pushing GOP leadership higher, faster, further on standing for life. For now that the Democrats have openly declared infanticide, we are morally compelled to do something other than simply be appalled.

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