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Whoa: Mike Lee-endorsed Senate candidate delivers masterful pro-life speech

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A candidate for U.S. Senate in Virginia is drawing the attention of national conservatives after scooping up two high-profile endorsements from Senate conservatives and delivering a moving pro-life speech to the Virginia House of Delegates.

Virginia Delegate Nick Freitas, R-Culpeper, is running in the Republican primary to challenge incumbent Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Va., in the 2018 midterm election. On Thursday, CRTV congressional correspondent Nate Madden reported that Sen. Lee would endorse Freitas for Senate.

Freitas also received the backing of Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., earlier in January.

“Nick Freitas is the real deal and I urge liberty conservatives and those who believe in the constitution and limited government to rally to his cause and campaign,” Paul said. “Through his involvement in politics and as delegate, Nick has stood firm to principles while showing he is willing to work hard and fight for what he believes in.”

Freitas, a special forces veteran, has served since 2015 in the Virginia House of Delegates, where he has earned a reputation as a conservative with a "libertarian streak" and an exceptional speaker.

Last week, Freitas rose to speak in support of the 2018 March for Life.

Freitas said that while he couldn't attend the March for Life personally, his wife and children were there. He offered passionate remarks explaining why he is pro-life and encouraging his colleagues to defend innocent human life.

"For me, for a variety of reasons, a child in the womb has always been a child," Freitas said. But he recognizes that not everyone draws that conclusion. By investigating the "objective, scientific criteria," Freitas was convinced of his position.

"I came to the conclusion that at the moment of conception, we have innocent, human life. And I hope further explanation will not be required to explain how vulnerable that human life is at that stage," he said.

Freitas said that the values he grew up with taught him to defend vulnerable life.

"My father was a police officer and was just absolutely adamant, from some of my earliest memories, that if you have the ability to defend innocent human life, then you have the obligation to do so. My mother, being a nurse, took us ... all over the world on various missions trips and charitable trips, because she taught me that it's not just about defense, but it's also about assistance, and compassion, and helping, and that that was a personal responsibility. It wasn't something that I could simply delegate to the coercive force of government."

"It was something that I had to take personal responsibility for, in order to care for those that couldn't care for themselves," Freitas said.

He described how he "will not relent" on the life issue because of his convictions and his upbringing. "It does not come from a position of hatred, it does not from a position of wanting to control other people, and it certainly doesn't come from a position of judgement."

"I have no idea what it is to be that young woman with her entire life ahead of her, with opportunities, hopes, dreams, ambitions. To all of a sudden become pregnant and not know what happens next. I have no idea what it's like to be that woman. But I do know what it's like to be her son, and the gratitude that comes — and the sense of obligation that comes — with realizing that someone gave up quite a bit so you could be here, and the hope that you're living your life in such a way that honors the sacrifice that they made as a result."

Acknowledging that abortion is a "contentious issue," Freitas concluded by saying, "If you can trust me that I'm coming from a position of love for that child, of love for that mother, and love for that potential family that could be, I think we can find common ground to work to do a very noble task, which is to work in the cause of the preservation of innocent human life."

His passionate, moving speech drew the applause of the legislature. Should Freitas win the Republican nomination, he will be a formidable conservative candidate to take on Tim Kaine.

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